“You literally saved me hours of frustration…”

mary-ann_gardening“I am sure that much of the information contained in your book could be found on the internet or a local library, but it would have taken me hours (if not days) to gather as much complete information as you gave me in your book. You literally saved me hours of frustration in looking for ways to treat my ant problem in just the first couple of pages. Please feel free to pass my thank you on to others. It might save them as much time as it saved me!”

- Mary-ann Moss
Expert Gardener

“We haven’t seen a single ant in his house in the past few days…”

“To whom it may concern:

Your guide to getting rid of ants has been very helpful in the last few weeks of summer. My father in law had a major carpenter ant problem in his cellar that we were able to successfully treat with a few of the methods you described in your guide, and after that we took care of a big ant hill by his wood shed too.  We haven’t seen a single ant in his house in the past few days so I guess we fixed them! Thanks.

- Robert B, Cranbrook, BC

“I had the info I needed almost instantly…”

“I was skeptical of buying anything on the internet because I had been burned before, but your promise of getting me this important information immediatley was true! I had the info I needed almost instantly after I purchased. The information inside your guide looks great, I can’t wait to try a few of these tricks.


- Jim Gurney, Los Angles, CA

“I applaud you for putting together such a thoughtful and thorough record…”

“I was suprised to see how much information you actually give in your ebook. As an avid supporter of eco friendly methods of controling insects and invasive plant species I applaud you for putting together such a thoughtful and thorough record of ways you can deal with ants. I will surely pass this information along to friends and family as I know ant problems are one thing that seems to happen every year.”

- Freedom Maddy, Saskatoon, SK

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Welcome to your complete solution to getting rid of ants… for good!

You are about to discover how you can use simple, non-toxic, chemical free time-tested methods for getting rid of ants that cost a fraction of modern poisonous commercial products!

Corporations sell millions of gallons of chemicals every year that cost fractions of pennies to produce.

Corporations sell millions of gallons of chemicals every year that cost fractions of pennies to produce.

I don’t know about you – but I find it pretty frustrating seeing huge chemical corporations making millions of dollars selling harsh toxic remedies that cost pennies to manufacture that are supposedly designed to kill ants when our ancestors have been using simple and safe solutions that have worked fine for hundreds of years!

What has happened? Have we become so blind to their massive marketing budget to not realize that they are hurting more than just ants? More and more people are getting cancer every year, yet more and more companies are selling even more toxic chemicals – because they can.

Anyways, enough of my ranting – let’s talk about the real reason you are here: To get rid of ants!

Save money, time & frustration with over 40 different ways proven to get rid of ants…

What most people don’t realize is that you can tackle your ant problem with guaranteed success using a variety of household items readily at your disposal that cost little to nothing at all.

You’ve probably seen some of these methods being discussed around the internet, or even heard of some of them on the radio or television – but do they really work? Well, the short answer is yes – if you have the right details.

But we realized there was a problem with the information you find online and in books – the information is inconsistent and many of the times only referenced in theory. This is where we have stepped in with this website.

Our solution to getting rid of ants:

We’ve spent a great deal of time collecting, testing and recording the results of the different methods used to kill ants. And while some of the methods worked with amazing results we discovered that some of the so called “cures” were nothing more than theoretical ideas someone had come up with at some point.

We realized just how valuable this information would be to people with ant problems, especially those who like saving money and avoiding using harmful chemicals. It took us just over 14 months of testing and collecting results from people all around the globe and years of updating our guide but we finally completed what we would consider our work of art!

The complete guide to getting rid of ants

The Complete Guide to Getting Rid of AntsWith over 40 tried and true tests completed we finally finished compiling and organizing our information into a guide we simply call “The complete guide to getting rid of ants”.  We know – not the most sophisticated of catchy name but it summarizes to the point what the guide will help you accomplish.

Inside, we’ve organized the various methods we succeeded in killing ants, trapping ants and generally getting rid of ant’s altogether. Inside we’ve documented and presented:

  • A system for eliminating ants in only 5 days inside your home, or outside your home using 100% all natural and safe ingredients and techniques. This plan also helps to prevent infestations later on down the road too!
  • How to use ant traps effectively to either capture many ants, or, how to bait ants that will result in poisoning the queen and eventually destroying the colony altogether!
  • How to ensure ants stay out of your home using a simple step by step checklist that only takes a few minutes to complete!
  • Over 40 proven formulas that use non-toxic ingredients to kill ants. These “formulas” can fit a variety of needs depending on your climate, type of ant you are trying to kill, and even what you might have readily available in your home if you don’t have time to go shopping!
  • And much more…

Our guide is undoubtedly one of the most complete references to getting rid of ants without the use of commercial products. It is also one of the most affordable and valuable investments you could ever invest in when you have to get rid of ants because unlike commercial products you buy on the shelf – the information in our guide is re-usable!

How to get the Complete Guide to Getting Rid of Ants…

Our guide has been available for over 4 years in printed form but we realized that most people don’t have time to wait for the mail to deal with their ant problem.

That’s why since 2007 we’ve been offering our guide for purchase in electronic format right through this website! No more waiting or wasting hours trying to research other people’s ideas that may or may not work – we deliver our guide to your inbox instantly, right when you need it most!

Getting the complete guide to getting rid of ants is simple…

If you want a copy of the complete guide to getting rid of ants it has never been easier. And until August 31st we’re offering one of our deepest summer discounts ever! When you act now you can download your own unique copy of the complete guide to getting rid of ants for only $27.99 $14.99! That’s 50% off the regular price!

Compare the value of this one time small investment to the cost of buying a commercial product that not only is harmful to life and plants, but only lasts for a limited time – you could spend hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of ants using these methods or a small one time investment of only $14.99 – the obvious choice should be clear!

Our satisfaction guarantee

60-day-guaranteeNaturally as we are committed to delivering the most useful, up to date information we couldn’t offer you our product without an iron clad guarantee. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to take a chance on purchasing something only to have it fall short of your expectation and not have some type of insurance to get your hard earned money back!

That’s why we stand behind a 60 day return policy. We understand that you may not use the guide today, or even this week so we want to give you a chance to really put the complete guide to eliminating ants to use! If for any reason you are unsatisfied at all, simply let us know and we’ll refund every last penny of your complete purchase price – no questions asked!

To protect your investment even further, we have chosen to use a trusted credit card processor that protects your purchase for up to 60 days – this way you can have confidence our guarantee stands no matter what happens!

How to order & gain instant access

secure-lockWe understand many people may not frequently order product over the internet, or that they may want to use a credit card that is not accepted everywhere – this is why we have chosen to use PayPal as our preferred payment processor. Using PayPal not only protects your purchase for up to 60 days, but it also ensures 100% protection of your personal information upon checkout!


  1. To order simply click the “Buy Now” button below. You will be taken to PayPal’s SECURE website where you will be asked to choose your preferred payment method (eg. Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover or PayPal account).
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  3. This process should take less than 5 minutes. If you have any problems with completing your purchase we can easily be contacted for assistance.

Other notes:

  • The complete guide to getting rid of ants is downloaded in a PDF format which is compatible with all operating systems whether you are using Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.
  • Your confirmation email on how to download your guide will be sent to the email address you use when you complete your purchase through PayPal.
  • PayPal does not require you to sign up for an account. If for any reason you have trouble paying through PayPal you can contact us with your email address and we will provide you with an email money request.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in the complete guide to getting rid of ants!

Best regards,

The research and development team at AntDestroyer.com